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I think that skillful, talented storytellers help us understand what is true for us ... and about us.
Stories have offered us relatively safe and (often) entertaining ways to identify and examine
our own beliefs and the choices we make because of those beliefs.

Storytellers may have been entertainers, but they were also the educators. They were living libraries.
For many (if not most) of the people who have lived during the past 30,000 years the closest thing to
a formal "teacher" that they ever encountered throughout their entire lives .... was a storyteller.

Currently the site contains the original photography gallery, social perspective on Main Street
and an array of whimsy and reflections - Wulf Trax. Soon this page will display an allegory
using Roads and Walls as symbols of very different ways of thinking about being in the world.
I'm still creating/assembling part 3.

It is a Work In Progress at this point, and here are some of the boards from part 1 reduced
by 50%. A couple of them look a bit weird because of the reduction, but .... you'll get the idea.

Put your cursor on either the lower or upper right hand corner and when the corner
of the page "curls", click to advance. Do the same on the left side to reverse.
Option #2: You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard.


To be continued ....


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